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In this blog post we detail some simple but useful tips on navigating round and deriving maximum benefit from the LICKMIX RHYTHM feature.


LickMixeR FREE version has EIGHT RHYTHMIC options from which to choose from, each with a preset BPM.

We recommend you try all eight LICKMIX RHYTHMS against any chosen track clip. A quick and easy way to check which LICKMIX RHYTHMS potentially produce best outputs – simply:
1. Use the track clip selector bar and choose a 10/15/ 30 sec clip of audio from any part of your chosen track.
2. Tap to instantly LickMix the clip using any one of the LICKMIX RHYTHM settings. At any time you can choose an alternative RHYTHM setting.
3. The LICKMIX clip will be automatically generated for you to listen to and is also simultaneously saved to your own LICKTRACK HISTORY.

LICKTRACK HISTORY feature is very useful as it enables you to LISTEN to and COMPARE your LickMixed audio clips at any time. There is also the SHARE functionality and a DELETE option for any LICKMIX clip you generate.


As with the FREE version you have EIGHT RHYTHMIC options to choose from. Alongside this LICKMIXER PRO has these additional features, namely:

1. You have total flexibilty with the LickMix track clip selector bar. So you can choose any length of clip you wish to transform, whether it be just 10 sec or up to the full track.
2. You have your own adjustable BPM dial. (* LICKMIXER FREE version all BPM settings are fixed )  Alongside each of your eight rhythmic options, your customised BPM dial allows you complete control over the tempo you want to set for any given track clip.
3. Within the BPM menu you can also simply ‘personalise’ any LICKMIX RHYTHM created by you with an ‘identity’ of your choosing.
4. Also all of your customised BPM settings are automatically SAVED to your RHYTHM menu. So you can easily build a template of alternative tempo options around any original or ‘personalised’ RHYTHM title.